Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lighthouse by Milly

The loud town are so loud that the man is so annoyed. The light is a beaming flash. The towns people are cheering for the beaming lighthouse in the sky. The lighthouse is as big as a skyscraper. Inside the old man was a dribble old very, very old man.

One night the people in the town were cheering for the spooky old lighthouse when...BOOM!! Something was wrong. The man ran up the stairs, the twisty spiral staircase. When he sees the light he looked scared because the light has gone out. So the man gets his toolbox and runs up the stairs to the lightbulb and opened the bulb. At that exact moment he heard it coming…

It was a ship. The ship almost crashed into the rocks. The spiky grey rocks. The man is worried about the ship crashing against the rocks.

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