Friday, 21 March 2014

My taonga

My taonga is my teddy. When I was born I was given him. His name is Shrigsey. I don’t know who gave him to me. He is a cuddly bear. I have grown up with him and I sleep with him. He reminds me of my Nana who passed away when I was born. He is nine years old and he smells funny.


  1. What a lovely treasure Milly. I am sure he is so special that you will have him for many more years. My daughters are nearly 30 and they all have their special toy on their bed.

  2. Dayna RM1 Auroa School Taranaki NZ
    Hi Milly that is a great story about your teddy bear. Make sure to check out my blog at . I am looking forward to your other posts.

  3. That sounds like a cool treasure i wish i had something like that.